About Swami Vivekanand Society


To provide education through innovative way


To keep child’s life away from fake, ignorance and bringing light of happiness, compassion and joy in their life.


Swami Vivekananda Institute was established in the year 1964 in the birth centenary year of Swami Vivekananda. An English medium school of Indian rites and culture was started in the ashram of Shrimad Jagatguru Shankaracharya Kurtakoti at Gangapur with a very small number of students.

In the same period i.e. in the year 1964, primary department, English medium school was started at Ravivar Peth. Later in the year 1970, an English medium secondary school was started at Panchavati. In the year 1971, Panchavati Marathi media was started. A Marathi medium school was started in Indiranagar in the year 1984 and today it has shifted to a spacious playground and modern building. A Marathi medium school was started at Morwadi in the year 1986 and this school is running in a grand new building with an up-to-date playground.

Today, a small sapling has become a banyan tree, and the officials of the organization have a dream of a grand, divine building for the Panchavati section. Today, many famous entrepreneurs, industrialists, officials of various government departments, college principals, sports officials, engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, political leaders, writers, scientists, police officers, educational institute drivers, and many others in the country and abroad have taken education from the school of this institution. Students are working.

The students of this school are shining the name of the school due to their virtues, sense of culture, sense of dedication, loyalty to their work and service. Even today, thousands of students are studying in all branches of the institution and they are leading in external examinations, elocution competitions, dance-singing competitions, drama-acting, sports-arts department. From the point of view of the institution, the institution is trying to ensure the all-round development of the students, poor and middle class parents, their children should get education through English medium at a very nominal fee. Free books, educational materials, uniforms, mid-day meals are provided in every school of the institute, considering the student as the focal point, the institute has taken full care of the computer room with modern facilities, grand experiment school, trained and experienced teachers for his overall development.

As Swami Vivekananda hoisted the flag of Hinduism not only in the country but also abroad, the students of Swami Vivekananda School are hoisting this flag of education. Today, the students of the institution are efficiently driving the progress of the institution. President of the organization Hon. Mr. Vikramji Sarada, Vice President Hon. Mr. Jaisingji Pawar, Secretary Hon. Mr. Sunilji Bagul and other members are working hard and efficiently for the bright future of the organization. Come on, let’s participate in this activity by taking a small share!