Objectives of Virtual classroom

1) By identifying need of time in education, to make teachers and students technosavy.

2)To make education available for students at their home only as per their needs and interest

3)To try hard to fullfill students’ educational needs.

4)To implement life skill activities so that students can learn to stress management skills

5)To do behavioural change in students life so that they can be a responsible citizen of society.


Learning out comes/Objectives
By the end of level –1 learners will be able to–
1 Listen and speak phonemes
2 Differentiate between letters and phonemes
3 Identify phonemes
4 Read words and sentences
5 Write letters by listening sounds.
6 Write small words
7 Write small sentences by listening

Learning out comes/Objectives
By the end of level–2 learners will be able to–
1 Use Parts of speech
2 Use proper verb forms with reference to
pronoun (simple present tense)
3 Make verbal questions
4 Use Continouos tenses
5 Greet/asking permissions/giving instructions.
6 Self introduction
7 Read and comprehense

Learning out comes/Objectives
By the end of level–3 learners will be able to–
1 Revising parts of speech
2 Use perfect tense
3 Converse in different situations
4 Reading-Skimmimg and Scanning
5 Write Simple, short notes 

Learning outcomes/Objectives
By the end of level–4 learners wil be able to–
1 Identify tenses(revision)
2 Use suffix and preffix
3 Description of people
4 Reading–Skimming and Scanning
5 Write in detail about familiar topics

Activities will be conducted using Papers (colourful), paper plates,models prepared, matchsticks, and with things available at home .

 Topics For Std 1st and 2ndFor Std 3rd and 4th
1Numbers:In words and figures Inwords and figures 
  upto 200upto 1000
  After -before numberspreceeding,suceeding
  reverse countingascending,descending
  even-odd numbersReverse counting
  Activity Songs on numbersEven,odd,prime numbers
2Operations on numbers:Addition,substractionAddition,substraction
  tables upto 10multiplication,division
  multiplication,division(upto 4 digits )
  (one digit)Tables upto 20
  greater,smaller Comparision of numbers
3Expanded form:upto 2 digitsupto 4 digits
   Place ,place value
4Geometry:Introduction of geometrical instrumentsIntroduction of Geometrical instruments
  line ,segment,rayline ,segment,ray
  drawing and naming,drawing and naming,
  reading a line, ray, segmentreading a line , ray, segment
   Angles, circle, construction
5Other TopicsMeasuring Time, coins , notesMeasuring Time ,coins,notes
6Any activity :Maths related tricks Maths related tricks 
  and activities,puzzlesand activities,puzzles

For std 5th 6th and 7th ,two groups will be formed.
Group 1: std 5th ,6th Group 2:std 7th
Activities will be conducted as per level

 For Std 5th, 6th, 7th 
1Numbers:In Words and In Figures (3 to 7 Digits)
  Comparison of Number
  After before, Ascending and descending
  Place, Place value, Expanded form
  Odd , Even , prime numbers
2Square-cubes:Tables upto 30, squares square roots, cubes(observation method)
3Operation on Numbers:Addition, Substraction ( upto 7 digits)
  Multiplication, division ( 2 to 5 digits)
  Counting plus, minus counting.
4Integers:Positive negative integers
  Addition, substraction ,multiplication, division
  number line
5Equations (one variable):Framing equations using variables
  solving equations 
6Other topics:HCF,LCM,Prime factors
  Multiplicative inverse,Indices
  Profit -Loss 
7Basic concepts in Geometry:Line, Ray, Segment, Plane
8Lines:Parallel Lines, Intersecting Lines Angles formed by transversal
9Angles:Construction, bisecting
  Types of angles
  Reading and naming an angle
10Triangles:Construction, types of triangles (Based on Angles, based on sides)
  Properties of triangles, finding area.
11Quadrilateral Polygons:Reading and naming a triangle, sides, angles, diagonals
  Properties, finding perimeter and area.
12Circle:Construction of circle, radius, diameter. Chord, secant, circumference, area
13Any Activity:Any maths tricks, puzzles