Dear Friends,

Finally we all past students are coming together and are forming alumni with lot of efforts of Nitin, Prerana, Shubhada , Jaysinha, Aishwarya.

The very purpose of forming an alumni is connecting all past students through a common platform.

After school we move forward to college and then get involved in different professions and family, each one of us gain experience in different fields and many of us move out to different cities and even countries.

How can we pool all this talent, experience together which can help everyone of us, how do we stay connected, informed about achievements of our school mates which gives us happiness, takes us down the memory lane remember our childhood and makes us smile , feels us up with energy, and a feeling are yaar we need to connect, share how life has treated us.

To make all this happen an strong alumni can help. To make it more meaningful the alumni team has thought of starting “ e magazine “

Let’s all come join the alumni to remember our fun days in school and connect with our friends, class mates school mates our teachers.


Vikram Sarda
1964 to 1975

Jaisinha Pawar

Dear friends,

At the outset I would like to congratulate Nitin, Prerana, Shubhada and Aishwarya for their efforts to form Alumni.

It’s a great feeling to be a part of this alumni and getting reassociated with this school after a long gap in which we were busy with our higher studies and initial period of struggle to settle in our life.

Vikram, Sunil and me were together in school days and now we have rejoined together to serve our alma mater in different capacities. Kute Sir, Kale Madam & R.P. Kulkarni Madam were our teachers and now Aishwarya, Shubhada and Prerana are with us to build this alumni. Priti has taken lead in starting e- magazine of our alumni which will help all of us to stay connected and take us back to our school days which was the best and most enjoyable period of our life.

So let’s come together and remember our teachers and all our school friends and redevelop the bond between us.,
With feeling of gratitude,

Jaisinha Pawar


Panchavati SSC Passout.